Posted April 30, 2015 by Shaun

Welcome to No, Totally!

We are a weekly conversational movie- and sometimes interviews with interesting human beings- podcast hosted by Brian (regular guy) and Shaun (dilettante film nerd). Neither of us has any credentials for this sort of thing, but we hope you enjoy listening anyway. New episodes are released every Tuesday.

Typically I guess we’d now say something like “we know the world doesn’t need another movie podcast, but” and then explain why they’re different. In our opinion, though, the world kinda did need another movie podcast.¬†We hope to bridge the gap between fun, funny movie discussions and serious film analysis.

We believe that we’re slightly less entertaining than the entertaining movie podcasts, and slightly less knowledgeable than the knowledgeable movie podcasts, so what you’re really getting is the worst of all possible worlds. Thank you for your downloads!