Posted June 17, 2015 by Shaun

We approve of the following websites and podcasts, in alphabetical (not preferential!) order:


Audiences Everywhere
Part movie forum, part online film magazine, part blog, part review site. One-hundred percent an expression of passion. A support group for cinephiles. A post movie conversation lobby. A thousand scattered thoughts and one living essay on film. A cinematic diamond mine where the insights can be real, invaluable jewels.

Film Inquiry
A hub for film enthusiasts that like to ponder on and discuss the meanings of film, how movies are embedded in culture and just in general, love anything film.
What distinguishes Film Inquiry from other online film magazines is that we don’t bother with industry news, speculation or celebrity gossip, or meaningless lists – instead, we focus on the content of movies. We discuss the art of film making, theme, political, social or cultural issues raised in film, general representations of culture, et cetera.

Pulp Epic
Geek & Genre. The original merrymakers of Film, TV, Comics, Storytelling, Games, Comedy, Podcasts & more. Or maybe we’re just a taco stand.


The Blaze! with Lizzie and Kat
The Beverly Hills 90210 podcast you’ve been waiting for!

Bridge the Atlantic
A humorous and insightful exploration of the creative industries, directly from those who are working within it.

Comatose Podcast
Comatose is a short weekly collection of pithy stories and insightful commentary.

Date Night
A podcast where two people go on a date but instead of going out, they stay in and record.

The Dew Over
A weekly podcast aimed at righting the wrongs of movie and pop culture history. For your reconsideration.

Everywhere You Look
The unofficial official unofficial Full House podcast.

How is This Movie?
Join Dana Buckler, expert on all things film and television, as he endeavors to explore and make sense of this ever-evolving world of entertainment.

InSession Film
Reviews of all the movies you want to hear about.

Film Reverie
Movie watching and movie making. Fun talk about movies, as well as interviews with fellow filmmakers from around the world.

The Film Room
Two film geeks pay tribute and take apart Hollywood bit by bit.

The Kitchen Counter Podcast
Home cooking for everyone!

The Podcast Digest
Helping you find the best shows on the web!

Pop Culture Case Study
A podcast pairing psychology with pop culture. Not only the “artistic” movies and other pop culture deserve analysis.

Project: Archivist
Fringe science, lost history, spirituality, and the paranormal.

Shit’s Legit
Two dudes decide what’s LEGIT in pop culture.

That’ll Play with Matt and John
A podcast tailored to fit your ears perfectly. Music, movies, sports, and all that crap.

True Bromance Film Podcast
Two completely uneducated movie lovers, Barry and Jairo, try to find time to discuss films while yelling at each other.

Useless Dialogue
We talk about the things we love.

Video Negative Podcast
A monthly film review show dedicated to looking at the worst of the 90s. Whether we’re deflating overblown big budget blockbusters, or trampling on little known indie flicks, join us as we diss the dismal, criticise the chronic and put the pathetic out to pasture.

War Machine vs. War Horse
Two films are reviewed that take distinctly different approaches to similar themes. These themes are inspired by a current release that is reviewed at the top of the show. It is cinematic combat.