#34 - Making Bad Shorts with Ben Zelevansky and Deanna Moore

Posted November 25, 2014

Shaun met Ben Zelevansky and Deanna Moore at CommuniCon 3 in Los Angeles. They were there to participate in the “No Small Parts” panel due to non-starring BUT ESSENTIAL work on the popular TV show Community.

Earlier this month, Ben and Deanna launched their sketch-comedy webseries Bad Shorts, and they were gracious enough to join Shaun and Brian to talk about it.

Then, Shaun found out that Ben used to work on the seminal animated comedy classic Dr. Katz, and the conversation sorta took off on its own. Even if you haven’t heard of any of the four of us (SHAME), you’ll find something to enjoy in this episode.

Watch Bad Shorts at BadShorts.tv and be sure to flood them with Funny’s on Funny or Die!

Both of these characters are on Twitter as well, at @benzelevansky and @deannaacts.

Also, if you’re a Community fan, the No Small Parts panel was just about the most adorable thing ever. Watch it.