#55 - Music for a Living with Jenny Owen Youngs

Posted April 21, 2015

Shaun talks with singer/songwriter/personal hero Jenny Owen Youngs about skinning a cat, the mysterious relationship between musician and producer, and making art for a living.

Last month my wife and I headed to The Casbah, a little club near the airport here in San Diego, to catch Jenny Owen Youngs. I had gotten a bit behind on interview requests, so instead of attempting to get in touch with Jenny for a potential interview weeks or months in advance, my first email was sent somewhere in the neighborhood of 72 hours before the show.

Of course, one can’t expect to reach out to a busy, touring musician and receive a response with such short notice, so I found myself at the venue just a bit early doing the old hope/dread thing, wondering if Jenny would be around before her set. She was, and I blubbered my way into an interview under some non-ideal conditions: no quiet area and untested recording equipment (my phone).

Jenny was unbelievably gracious and forthcoming in the interview, and I do hope you enjoy it. If you’re not yet a Jenny Owen Youngs fan, give her a chance, and she’ll make your life better.

Visit Jenny online: jennyowenyoungs.com
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Music featured in this episode
Over the Bow – Jenny Owen Youngs – Slack Tide EP
Led to the Sea – Jenny Owen Youngs – Slack Tide EP
Led to the Sea – Jenny Owen Youngs – Transmitter Failure
Start + Stop – Jenny Owen Youngs – Transmitter Failure
Start + Stop (Live from the Basement) – Jenny Owen Youngs – Last Person EP
The Big Sky – Kate Bush – Hounds of Love
Last Person – Jenny Owen Youngs – Transmitter Failure